Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park)

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This is my cartographic interpretation of Isla Nublar; the main setting for the hugely successful Jurassic Park books by Michael Crichton (later adapted to film by Steven Spielberg). It has been totally reimagined to resemble the cartographic style of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of many seminal works including The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and the Lord of the Rings.

Map Features:

  • Raptor Pen, Triceratops Paddock, Herbivore Paddock, Velociraptor Paddock, Stegasaurus Paddock, and T. Rex Paddock.
  • Hammond's Bungalow, Safari Lodge, Emergency Bunker, Isla Nublar Airport, Visitor Centre, and Iguanodon Inn.
  • Forested Highlands, Geothermal Power Plant, North Dock, Southern Plateau, and Grasslands.
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