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In the early stages of 2019, I struck upon an idea to draw out a series of very intricate maps using the National Grid reference system. This system, originally devised by Ordnance Survey, breaks the UK up into a series of smaller and smaller squares for the purposes of greater mapping accuracy. At the most detailed level (a 1:25,000 scale map) each of these squares represents a total land area of just 1km2. This project, entitled 'My Favourite Square', focuses in on those smallest of squares and aims to separate them out into drawings of unique and personal places. 

Before proceeding I should also note that these drawings are not limited to just one square, nor the UK. These maps can encompass a maximum area of 4 x 4km. If you're outside of the UK, all I need is one of the location identifiers below. I tend to use Google Maps in such instances. 

How to identify your square

To help me identify your favourite square, all I need is a brief description plus one of the following;

  • A grid reference (preferably 6 figures)
  • A postcode (or equivalent)
  • What 3 Words
  • A notable location within the square of interest.
  • An annotated map (google, OS map, screenshot) if outside the UK.

If you require any assistance or would like to run something by me then please contact me via the contact page. 


What are the dimensions?

Paper size: A5 (148 × 210 mm or 5.8 × 8.3 inches). Each drawing is 6 x 6cm with approximately 1cm surrounding detail.  

What are the differences between the two paper types?

Heavyweight Cartridge Paper

200gsm with a smooth quality finish/acid free.

Khadi Paper

Hand pressed/640gsm with a medium-rough finish/ph neutral

Can I have my map framed?

Yes. Framed pieces are presented in an A4 bronze brushed wooden frame with mount. 

This is a gift, can I include a gift message?

If you would like to include a gift message please include this in the special instructions box upon checkout. Your message will be hand written and included in the envelope.